Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle (スピリットサークル Supiritto Sakuru) is a Japanese manga series created by Satoshi Mizukami. It was originally published in the May 2012 issue of the Young King OURs magazine and concluded on March 30, 2016. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the series for printed release and published on October 2017.

The story centers around the 14 years old boy Fuuta Okeya (桶屋 風太 Okeya Fūta) who has the power to see ghosts and has a strange mark on his cheek that always covers with a bandage.

One day a new transfer student, Kouko Ishigami (石神 鉱子 Ishigami Kōko), arrives in his class followed by a strange ghost. While trying to build rapport and eventually a friendship with Kouko, Fuuta makes it easy for her to see his mysterious birthmark hidden beneath the bandage. That’s moment when she declares him to be her enemy, and that she was the responsible of his cheek’s mark during their war in their past live.

Spirit Circle is a story about mystery and reincarnation where we discover the origins of the fighting between Kouko and Fuuta, and what is the connection to the strange, fantastical dreams that Fuuta begins to experience?